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same bullshit as yesterday!

Hey kids! We're running a contest where you could really for reals, in real life, WIN A MILLION BILLION GAZILLION DOLLARS!

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"Yoo makes a compelling case that the Founding Fathers deliberately left the Constitution vague on the limits of presidential power so as to allow strong presidents leeway to act in defense of the nation in times of crisis. Far from being an apologia for the policies of the Bush administration, in which he served, Yoo draws on history to demonstrate the benefits to the nation of a strong executive office, especially in today's times of terrorist threats and economic crises that place even more stress on the presidency and its relationship to the three branches of government."

John C. Yoo, University of California, Berkeley
John Yoo received his B.A., summa cum laude, in American history from Harvard University.
John Choon Yoo

Title: Professor of Law Email Address:


"fiat lux" "Let there be Light"
"Yoo could potentially be indicted for crimes against the laws and customs of war, the crime of torture, and/or crimes against humanity."

good job! Justices is Served!
THE TORTURE MEMO.... The infamous John Yoo torture memo has finally been released, and it's pretty remarkable. (Part 1; Part 2.) Basically, it says that criminal law doesn't ...

John Yoo is sorry for nothing

Sneering with contempt, the unrepentant Bush attorney has challenged "Obama's antiwar base" to read his infamous memos closely. So I did.
His legal misdeeds are widely known, but now they have been exposed chapter and verse. Among the new memos is one written in 2001, in which Yoo and co-author Robert J. Delahunty advised the U.S. that the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids the Army to be used for law enforcement, and the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, do not apply to domestic military operations undertaken during a "war on terror."

John Yoo, grading exams